Covid-19 & STC

The great news is that under Alert Level 2 Clubs will be able to open again, however, there will be strict rules to follow aimed at “playing it safe”.  Operating under Alert Level 2 is not Club life as normal, or what you all left behind some 7 weeks ago.

Guidelines require hospitality venues (including clubs) to follow the three “S’s”

  • Seated – only as many as you can safely seat (maximum 100 people)
  • Separated – physical distancing must be observed
  • Single Server – table service only, no bar/counter service permitted

We are now set to resume operating again after being forced to close under Covid-19 Alert Level restrictions, but we will also be introducing some additional changes to compliment those requirements detailed above.  Further changes may be introduced without notice.

  • Saturday 16th May – the Club is operational for customers for the purposes of dining only. The bar service will operate whilst the food service is operating and will close when the meal service closes. Patrons are restricted to a visitation of approximately a 2-hour period. To obtain beverage, you must present your Caledonia food purchase receipt. Gaming and TAB not available until 21st
  • Thursday 21st May – the Club will be fully operational again (including Bar, Caledonia, Gaming and TAB) but for a maximum of 100 members only. Given the restriction on numbers, we would discourage members bringing guests along during this period.

Social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 100 people (this now excludes staff on duty) using the Club facilities at any one time.  Indoor events such as membership draws, adjunct raffles, Club & interclub tournaments/visits and live performances, which are designed to draw large crowds, have been cancelled until further notice.

MOH guidelines insist that social distancing, regular hand washing & practising responsible hygiene habits remain the best methods for preventing the spread of Covid-19.  If you are showing signs of illness (flu type symptoms – e.g. cough, fever, etc), then please DO NOT come to the Club.  If a staff member, Club member or guest is showing signs of illness (cough, fever, etc), they will be required to leave the Club immediately & encouraged to seek advice from their doctor or the national Healthline.  We make no apology for insisting that we do what is necessary to ensure our staff and members remain safe from this pandemic.

The primary focus for the Club to recover from this Covid-19 event will be on maximising revenue, minimising costs and most of all keeping everybody safe within the current restrictions.

Operating Hours

These are to be temporarily changed as follows:

  • Club will be closed for trading on Monday & Tuesday
  • Restricted operating hours on Wednesday to Sunday inclusive – 2pm to 8pm
  • Bar and Gaming to be operational.  There can be some variation to these, considered on a case by case basis.

Payment for Food & Beverage

We encourage you to minimise the use of cash while at the Club.  Electronic transfer of money for payment is a safer option in these times for all concerned.

Entry to the Club

All people without exception using the Club facilities are required to register their personal contact details upon entry to the Club & to sign-out when they exit the Club.  This is for tracking & tracing purposes should the MOH need to investigate any potential spread of the virus.  Entrance to & exit from the Club will be via the rear entrance (carpark) only while we operate under these restrictions.  This will also enable us to effectively manage the maximum of 100 people permitted in the Club at any one time.  A process to achieve this has been established.  The front entrance will remain available as an emergency exit only.

Bar / Lounge Area

To ensure we comply with the guidelines provided, and the safety & wellbeing of those using the Club not being compromised, some furniture has been removed from the lounge area to enable compliance with the recommended 1metre of social distancing.  When using this area, you are required to be seated & we request you to not move or join the tables together (groups to be no more than 10 people).  In addition, the Bar team will be serving your beverages to where you are seated.  No beverage will be served to customers direct from the bar.  We understand that this may create some delays, but please be patient, we will be closed down should we not follow these guidelines provided to allow hospitality to get operating again.

Caledonia Restaurant

Unlike the bar & gaming offerings, Caledonia operating hours will be temporarily restricted to:

  • Closed on Monday & Tuesday
  • Operating hours on Wednesday to Sunday inclusive – 5pm to 8pm

We will operate a quality gourmet takeaway dinner service as our primary food offering – phone the Club, order your meal & collect from outside the Club at the agreed time.  Menu choices have been simplified & limited for now.  Click here for the simplified  Caledonia menu.

Limited in-house dining will be available for those using the lounge & gaming facilities.  This covers our liquor license requirements.  Bar snacks & board specials will be available, these can be consumed in the lounge area.

The seating capacity in the Caledonia Restaurant has been reduced to a maximum of 30 seats, to create the recommended social distancing space between tables for those who choose to dine in-house.  Menu is the same as for takeaway options.

Membership Draws

Both the Thursday & Friday night membership draws have been suspended until further notice.  The current value of the draws will remain as they are & will recommence at those values when the suspension is lifted.

Courtesy Coach

The Courtesy Coach will cease operation until further notice.  As this service will not be available, please ensure you have a safe driver.

Gaming Room

To ensure the safety & wellbeing of those Pokie players, our members & staff, there will now only be nine (9) machines operating at any one time to enable the recommended 1metre of physical distancing to be achieved.  The machines available to be played will be alternated daily.

Adjunct Raffles

The selling of weekly raffles by Adjuncts has also been suspended until further notice.  This is to ensure queues do form, breaching the physical distancing restrictions.


All entertainment up to 30th June 2020 has been cancelled.  This will be reviewed in line with the lowering of Alert Level restrictions.

Adjuncts Sport

Any open sport & social events are postponed or cancelled until further notice (e.g. South Taranaki Social Darts).  The Committee will work with Adjuncts to determine what processes & protocols can be put in place to ensure hygiene & physical distancing requirements are met.

If you are unsure about any of these changes or restrictions, please make contact with the Club via the numbers below.

Bar:  06 2784015, Option 1
Caledonia Restaurant:  06 2784015, Option 2

Please be aware that further changes could be introduced without notice.  We will attempt to keep members updated where we can.

Ways of keeping up to date with new developments are:

Facebook:  South Taranaki Club

We look forward to seeing you all in your Club again after what has been a long period of isolation.  Please remember, entry will be limited so arrive early so as not to be disappointed.

Kearin Pollard